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8 October 2017


A happy and crowded Harvest Festival service was led by James Clephane-Cameron. The harvest gifts were shared between the Salvation Army and the Seaview Centre.

 30 September 2017


 South-East Opera did it again. A wonderful evening of opera favourites was enjoyed by an appreciative audience.The feedback has been really great and it was a privilege to listen to such wonderful music with such a talented and musical group of people.

30 August 2017

 New chairs have arrived for the Rowan Lounge. These replace the plastic bright green and yellow ones bought at the opening of the Emmanuel Centre in early 2014 which were £10 a chair left overs from the London Olympics in 2012! Unfortunately they had started to crack and get damaged so they had to go. The new chairs are not quite so bright and cheery but they should be more comfortable and last a good while.

26 August 2017

The Messy Church held on Thursday 24th August was a very special occasion. We had a Baptism as part of the Messy Church worship time and Jean Duckworth- Lloyd led us in celebrating the Baptism of Elodie May. At the end of the service Elodie’s parents were presented with a Baptismal candle, Baptismal certificate ,a book of Bible stories and string of bunting with flags attached on which people had written prayers for Elodie.

There were 65 adults and children at the Messy Church and great fun was had by those taking part in the many different activities all of which were to do with babies and Baptism.


13 August 2017

 On Sunday 13th August our church had a Local Arrangement service. It had . been decided to explore the place of music in the Christian religion and, gosh, what a wonderful experience it turned out to be for us all! The service opened with a wonderful rendition of the song "Immanuel" (our God is with us), sung by Jackie, Gillian and Ailsa with the congregation joining in with the chorus.

We then went on to learn how the Bible has passages that encourage the use of musical instruments as well as the human voice in the praise and adoration of God. The early tonal chanting developed into more complex music with harmonies and the process of recording this in manuscripts led to the way music is written today. The continuing process of change means that there is now a wide variety of music which includes traditional hymns and psalms as well as modern 'pop' hymns which are sung in churches - in other words there is something for everyone.

We listened to the inspiring music of Zadok the Priest by Handel, and Ailsa explored the feelings that this music evoked in the congregation - from majestic dignity, to expectation, to joy and triumph. It is recognised that listening to music and singing can lift one's emotions and bring peace and joy into one's life.

Both Christine and Gillian then explained how music had played an important part in their lives and how it had helped them to gain in confidence, to make friends and to overcome language barriers - for music is a universal language.

We were also treated to a short recital by Rupert, Gillian's young godson, who played two pieces on his cello. This must have been quite a challenge for one so young but he performed like a true professional.

This inspirational service seemed to fly past so quickly, but I am just thankful that we have so many talented people around us and that music plays such an important part in our Methodist Church life. Long may it continue!                                    Jane

6 August 2017

An Afternoon of Prayer for our Church.

On Sunday afternoon 6th August sixteen of us met at Penhurst Retreat Centre for a Quiet Afternoon led by Peggy who asked us initially to consider roads and journeys. And towards the end we listened to God with some scriptures in mind. One person said she thought God was saying, "You have all the resources you need." Might this mean that people have gifts that we are not yet using? Might it mean that we have all we need for what God wants to do, without necessarily filling structures expected of us? Or is there yet some other significance? We feel sure that God wants us to reflect and share further.

25 July 2017

Last Saturday's Evening of jazz, jokes and repartee with MIke Hatchard was thoroughly enjoyed by an audience that had come from as far afield as Kent to be entertained. His reputation had preceded him and the room was full.

26 June 2017

 Fantastic feedback from audience members at the Melodians concert on Saturday 24th. It was a very enjoyable evening and £755.35 was raised for St Michaels Hospice. So thank you Melodians Choir and thank you everyone!

23 April 2017

 Great quiz night last night. Some real googlies from Bob made the best quizzers search the depths of their memory banks. No team scored the maximum 10 in any of the rounds, although there were the odd 9s and some 8s. The final result was tight.... So here's to the next quiz at Emmanuel in October.

16 April 2017


The new mural on the staircase at the Emmanuel Centre, finished in time for Easter, by Mark Oldroyd. Well done Mark

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